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3.14 ($ 3.14/serving)
45 minutes
1 piece

    Each serving contains 100 g

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The basic recipe for making soap. How can you enriched the soap with nourishing, fragrant and colorful components you'll see in the next video recipes.

sodium hydroxide (NaOH) {text:"For 100 g lard give approximately 15 g of sodium hydroxide."} 150 g -
lard of pork as needed 1000 g -
  1. Pork lard soap begin by preparing protective equipment.
  2. The sodium hydroxide dissolve in 300 ml of cold water. After a while, when it dissolves, water becomes hot, so let it cool in a safe place.
  3. Cut the lard into cubes approximately 2 x 2 cm and put them in a pot. Add 200 ml of water and cook on low heat or on an induction cooker at 120°C. Stir occasionally, do not add any more water.
  4. When the cubes dissolve, strain everything.  (cracklings can be further used ,for example, to prepare crackling spread)
  5. To the strained lard of a temperature 27 - 37°C add water with NaOH with a same temperature. Lard will start to change immediately into soap.
  6. Now it is better to use a mixing robot to make it more thick. In the robot it will take about 10 minutes by hand for about an hour.
  7. Leave the mass to cool down at the room temperature, stir and pour it into the prepared molds.
  8. After 24 hours take the soap from the mold. If you want to cut them into smaller pieces, do it now, because later, the soap gets hard. The best is to use molds such as is required by the final shape. Very good are silicone muffin cups. 
  9. Soap must now mature. It is because after the production there is a high pH. The air will stabilize it to around pH 7 in about 4 weeks, which you can measure with the pH papers that are produced for this purpose. I leave the soap five weeks in air at room temperature to mature, and then it can be use normally. For the production of laundry soap, it is not necessary to wait and it can be used in a week. At normal temperature can stored years.
  10. From this recipe you can produce approximately 1 kg of soap. 

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- in this recipe we are working with a strong base, therefore use protective equipment, the most important is glasses!!!

- prepare 150 g of sodium hydroxide... (NaOH)

- and dissolve in 300 ml of water... (see detailed instructions - the water starts to heat up very fast)

- always sprinkle hydroxide in water, never other way round!!!

- deformed spoon - proof of heat...

- cut the lard into cubes approximately 2 x 2 cm...

- put them in a pot...

- add 200 ml of water...

- and cook at 120°C...

- stir occasionally...

- do not add any more water...

- when the cubes dissolve, turn it off...

- strain it...  (cracklings can be further used)

- you can squeeze the cracklings...

- to the strained lard add water with NaOH...

- lard will start to change into soap immediately...

- for the higher density it must be mixed by hand for an hour...

- with a blender it will take about 10 minutes...

- then pour the soap into the prepared molds...

- after 24 hours take the soap from the mold and leave it to mature...



Always sprinkle hydroxide in water, never pour water into hydroxide! Would occur chemical reaction - instant boiling liquid with a strong sputtering. However, if you pour hydroxide in water, that will not happen. A glass or other container should be able to stand temperature around 90°C, since the fluid is hot. If you follow these principles, the production of soap is safe.



The most important is to wear protective eyeglasses and gloves. Working with a strong basic agent, spillage could cause injury to eyes and the skin. In no case should be children present while working on the recipe.



Sodium hydroxide is highly hygroscopic substance. In practice this means that immediately after weighing close the container, otherwise the substance absorbs moisture within seconds and the crystals will be bonded.



Do not inhale vapours while cooking.

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