The price of the recipe is calculated approximately as follows:


However, it is a simplified formula, the calculation is slightly more complicated...


The price of the recipe does not include the cooking cost,  for example, gas, electricity, and so on. We can not estimate, weather you cook on an old electric stove that consumes electricity like a jet, or on an open fire outside, which is actually free. Therefore, in our calculations, the cost of cooking energy is not included.

The price of the recipe is made up of current ingredients prices. So do not take in consideration that in the summer you will get peppers on sale for 2 $ / kg, because those same peppers are much more expensive in winter. We always take an average price. So if the specific ingredient XY costs 2 $ in the summer and 4 $ in winter then we use year-round average price 3 $.

The price of the recipe is calculated only from the quantity that was really used.

The price in our recipes do not include the price in the shops for entrepreneurs because there are not available to all. Furthermore, we do not take account of large packs discounts. Price, therefore, is always calculated on the package that is commonly sold.

We are constantly improving our calculation and we try to indicate the most accurate prices, which of course, is not a simple thing, because the prices in different parts of country vary a lot.

The main objective of cookbook Video-recipes.net is to find out the price of the most famous dishes, and we want to help families who have to count each penny, to cook well balanced dish for less. 

Our cookbook in terms of price and calculation GDA has no precedent, because it is the first internet cookbook in the world of this type. If we are successful or not, it is up to you. You have probably noticed, that we does not copy our recipes, and that each recipe is completely and precisely elaborated by us. We strive for quality, not quantity. Therefore, any idea that you send to us is important, beneficial and we will appreciate it. Each time, we will deal with it very seriously, because we write, record and photography for you....


Martin Mithofer a Pavlína Hrubešová


Those who believed in our little joke with the formula, that is shown at the top, sorry, mathematicians will know that it is the derivation of the Stirling formula. After a long development, we have found the recipes price calculation, but we will keep it as a secret of our website.