Before attempting to copy our website please note, that if others find your site, we will find it as well. We seek the unique design, so we will strictly require sanctions.

Nowadays, using an intelligent web search methods it is relatively easy to find out who copies our photos. The same applies to the parts of the text and of course video recipes. We don´t want to be where other cooks are - that at 50 website pages is copied the same recipe and when there is an error in one of them, so it is in the rest of them.

But this does not mean that working with us is not possible. We are open to some interesting proposals. But it is not possible to copy a video recipe, whose recording, editing, photographing and scripting takes several dozen hours of hard work.

If you are interested in pictures, it is possible to buy them from us legally and for a good price, to avoid any unnecessary legal battles.

If you have an idea for a partnership, feel free to write to us. Do not be afraid to contact us with any specific query.