Name: bay leaf
Energy: 20 kj
Calory: 4,78 kcal
Weight: 100 g


We find it in every household. It is used to adjust the beef, tomato sauce, cream sauce or with venison. Bay is an evergreen tree that grows in the Mediterranean, Iran, Syria and elsewhere in the semi-arid conditions. In Greek mythology bay had an important mission, at the begining as a sacred herb rather than a spice. For a spice are used dried leaves, which have specific aroma and bitter taste. Bay leaves stimulates digestion and appetite, and therefore it is used in kitchens of many nations in the preservation of meat and fish, the pickles, mushrooms, cucumbers, vinegar and in a mixture of spices, the venison, the meat roasting on a spit etc. 40 sheets weighs about 1 gram.


Ingredient bay leaf have seen 1906 users.