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Language: Česky Slovensky
1.64 ($ 0.82/serving)
45 minutes
2 servings

    Each serving contains 100 g

  • Energy 971 kJ (232 kcal) 12 %
  • Sugar 2.15 g   2 %
  • Fats 9.45 g   13 %
  • Saturates 2.26 g   11 %
  • Sodium 0.243 g   10 %
  • % recommended daily amount for adults (Everything about GDA)

A lot of people suddenly find themselves in a situation where they are forced to cook for the first time. That is why this recipe was created and it is for absolute beginners. The taste is absolutely delicious! {text: "The key to this recipe is a choice of sausages. Authors of this recipe used fine chicken sausage but someone might prefer a different one."}

rice any rinsed well {text:"By rinsing you weash away braces and rice will stay loose."} 200 g 687,5 kcal
bouillon cube 1 cube 13 g 0,4 kcal
curry powder 1/3 tsp to rice and 1/4 tsp to pan 1.2 g 2,8 kcal
sunflower oil 1 tsp {text:"You can use any."} 4 ml 33,2 kcal
butter 1 tsp {text:"Butter softens the taste of the dish."} 8 g 58,7 kcal
onion 1 piece 80 g 32,9 kcal
poultry sausage 3 pieces {text:"If you do not use too much sausage and cheese then you will have a diet dish."} 120 g 325,6 kcal
sweet paprika 1/3 tsp 1.3 g 3,7 kcal
grounded black pepper 1/8 tsp 0.5 g 0 kcal
fresh pepper 1/2 piece 50 g 14,4 kcal
leek 1/2 cup 50 g 20,9 kcal
Eidam cheese grated to garnish {text:"If you do not use too much sausage and cheese then you will have a diet dish."} 40 g 137 kcal
  1. Rinse the rice, put it in a pot and pour 1.5 liter of water. Add a cube bouillon and let it boil. Then taste and if needed add a little salt. At the same time add curry and cook on low heat until tender with a lid on. Then immediately drain water.  
  2. On a pan put a teaspoon of oil, add butter and chopped onion and saute for about 3 minutes until pink. The temperature should be no more than 120°C. {text: "Do not increase temperature, because it kills not only vitamins, but also the taste of food."}
  3. Add finely chopped ​​sausage, paprika, pepper, curry powder and fry for about 2 minutes. 
  4. Add half finely chopped peppers and leeks. Pour in 100ml of water and simmer with the lid on for a few minutes until everything is tender - mainly focus on leeks and peppers.
  5. Then add strained rice, stir and heat the dish at the same time. 
  6. When everything gets warm, serve with vegetable and you can sprinkle with grated cheese. {text: "If you pay attention to calories, then cheese can be omitted completely."}

- rinse a cup of rice... (mug contents 150-200g)

-  pour 1.5 liter of water and add a cube bouillon...

- when it boils, taste and if needed add a little salt...

- add 1/3 tsp curry...

- and cook on low heat until tender with a lid on... (then immediately strain water)

- on a pan put a teaspoon of oil... (the temperature should be no more than 120°C)

- add a teaspoon of butter... (this softens the taste)

- add finely chopped onion and saute for about 3 minutes until pin..k

- add finely chopped ​​sausage... (any kind - to taste)

- 1/3 tsp sweet paprika...

- a little bit of pepper...

- 1/4 tsp curry powder...

- fry for about 2 minutes...

- add half finely chopped peppers...

- and 1/2 cup chopped leeks...

- pour in 100ml of water...

- simmer with the lid on for a few minutes until everything is tender...

- then add strained rice...

- stir and heat the dish at the same time...

- when serving you can sprinkle with grated cheese...

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